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MOBOX guide: Navigating the MOMOverse

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What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is a community-driven platform — called the MOMOverse — that incorporates aspects of DeFi, like yield farming, alongside an ecosystem of NFT-based games. MOBOX is powered by its native token, MBOX, worth $2.72 USD at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap.

Source: MOBOX

With its free-to-play model, MOBOX aims to onboard players into the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency through the MOMOverse. Players earn tokens through gameplay or by yield farming.

Playing MOBOX games is free, though players need to stake their MBOX tokens on the platform to unlock NFTs, known as MOMOs. MOMOs are tiered by rarity and used as in-game heroes. Players can also buy or rent MOMOs through the NFT marketplace.

When staking MBOX tokens, players receive veMBOX, the platform’s governance token, which is used to submit and vote on community proposals — that is,once the feature is up and running.

MOBOX features its own wallet that works with all games in the ecosystem. The MOBOX Wallet is incorporated as a plug-in and eliminates the need for third-party solutions. Users can opt to connect an existing Binance Smart Chain wallet.

Playing MOBOX games

MOMOverse games include Token Master, Block Brawler and ChainZArena and require three steps get started:

After signing up, select the game you want to try and start working your way onto the leaderboard. You can purchase in-game items using MBOX tokens for a stronger chance of leveling up quickly.

How does play-to-earn work with MOBOX?

Earning tokens in-game requires patience. Players willing to purchase rare MOMOs and other in-game items, like specialized battle equipment, increase their MBOX earning potential.

Purchased MOMOs are automatically staked through the MOBOX Mining Camp. Staked MOMOs immediately start mining MBOX tokens. The use of MOMOs in games is not affected by the staking process.

Choose from four games that can earn you tokens:


MOBOX NFTs are known as MOMOs and exist on the Binance Smart Chain. They are used as heroes within the games. MOMOs have a randomly generated hash power that is increased by buying more MOMOs. A player’s hash power, equal to the combined total across all of their staked MOMOs, determines the amount of MBOX tokens earned through yield farming.

Each MOMO has a unique set of attributes and is separated into categories, referred to as qualities. The quality associated with your MOMO, combined with its hash power, can unlock special abilities. Rare MOMOs can be upgraded to increase their hash power.

Qualities of available MOMOs are ranked from Common to Legendary:

Momos can be grouped into sets of similar images, sometimes referred to as families. When a player has a family — or four similarly imaged MOMOs, one of each from the common, uncommon, unique and rare categories — they are granted a 300 hash bo

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